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Tammy and Heaven on Earth:
Winner 2016 Res. Champion BHSA Novice Jumper
Winner 2017 Champion Novice Jumper Frying Pan Park series
​Winner 2017 Champion Professional Rider Frying Pan Park series
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Meet Sally

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Julian/Mini Pig Crosses are a better alternative for Pet Pigs than Potbellys. They have more leg and cleaner heads, which means they will be more active and entertaining throughout their lives. They love to play with people, toys, balls and anything they can find that moves. They can go up steps and hop over logs or the bottom fence rails. They play with horses, dogs, goats and other animals. They do not have the strong pig oder so they are much more pleasent to be around and they love people.
All of ours are housetrained and even the babies are pretty much housetrained by the time they go to their new homes. Our pigs are hand raised, in the house. They come to their names and play with the kids. They also go outside, either to roam around the farm with us, or to play in their playpen. When fully grown they will be about 12-14" tall at the back.
We have a vet who specializes in pigs who likes the both the size and the quality of our pigs and recommends them to people who ask her about minis. 

Center photo is Pickles, one of our babies all grown up. This picture should give you an idea of the size they will be when they are adults.

Ham-Let is our breeding male.  He is full Juliana with a great temperament.  Above is he is shown as a full grown, mature male.  Below is a video of him just before we started using him for breeding, playing with balls and the dog.  Notice he is lighter around the neck and shoulders below. Males of all spicies get thicker after they begin breeding.  Neutered males do not develop the exaggerated neck and shoulders.  If you see breeders showing their sires without the heavier neck and shoulders you know the imager are from when they were much younger.  

We are proud of the size of our breeding stock and post ADULT photos of them!

One of our two full grown females, Coco and Michelle are full sisters, so they are very difficult to tell apart.  
They have nice proportions and are a good size, not so small as to be unhealthy, but not very big.  They are about the size of a small Bulldog.

Tammy went all the way to Mississippi to get two new small additions to our program. Penny and Pippa and look at how small they are.

Penny is the smallest of the two. Notice the grey CAT next to her. 
Pippa only comes to Tammy's calf. We are excited about the piglets they will produce.
Here is Penny, one of our breeding females. At 10 months she is basically full grown and she is lying in an average medium size dog bed usually used by my Dachshunds!
Here is a good perspective on how small they are. 
Pig Videos You Might Enjoy
Here are two videos that might be of interest.  The first is on buying a mini pig and the second is on the difference between a mini pig and a potbelly pig.
Piglets with an Ipad
Ham Let is our breeding sire and he has good size and a great temperament.  He is so funny and very much at ease with people and dogs.
The cube is a dog toy. You fill it with food and as the dog rolls it around, the food falls out. Some of our dogs don't like it, some don't understand it. a few have learned how to use it and liked it.  Marlee, being a pig, figured it out in less than 5 minutes and LOVES it. He will chase it all over and come running if you shake it!

Health care of a mini pig

Bringing home your Mini Pig