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Meet Sally

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Let's start with some information about pigs as pets 

Pottbelly pigs were the first small pigs to draw attention, but they had several drawbacks. First, they were 100 - 300 lbs. There was a lot of publicity to George Clooney's pig, Max. Cute, but he grew to be 300 lbs. People wanted something smaller. The terms Juliana and American Mini Pig refer to registries which have been started by individual breeders but most mini pigs are not registered. 

"TeaCup" pigs are cute, but they are simply babies. No pigs stay that small. Standard Mini Pigs are 35-50 lbs. They are very different from commercial pigs. They have straight tails instead of curly tails and they "wag" their tails when they are happy or interested in something. They have longer, thicker hair than commercial breeds and they have different personalities than commercial pigs. They are quiet and loving with no agressive tendencies. 

With consistent and careful breeding, there are now Micro Pigs.  These pigs mature at 20-35 lbs when full grown.  We went to Mississippi to get two Micro females about two years ago but we didn't want to advertise these little guys until we had done enough breedings to know that we could consistantly produce micro pigs that would mature and stay small. We are confident that we can consistently produce these "Micor" pigs and would like to make people aware that we are offering them at a reasonable pirce.

We have Sally, (A Mini) and Sheldon (A Micro) both full grown for you to see on our property as well as their parents and other relatives.  For example, we have a seven month old female micro who is about the size of a Terrier and under 20 Lbs. 

It's difficult to get a picture that really shows the size and the difference between them. Sally is a Mini while Sheldon is a Micro. We have one breeding sow that is a mini and two that are Mirco. The Minis are often more colorful, while the minis are frequently white with some black spots on their skin but not black hair. 

Pickles, one of our minis, all grown up. This picture should give you an idea of the size they will be when they are adults.​​

ABOVE RIGHT, full grown Sally is a mini on the right and Sheldon is a full grown micro on the right.

Many of our micros are white. Sheldon is full grown and has a slightly different body build with more leg and a longer face.  Shown at left lying next to a tween size Dachshund of about 18 lbs.

Pig Videos You Might Enjoy
Here are two videos that might be of interest.  The first is on buying a mini pig and the second is on the difference between a mini pig and a potbelly pig.
Piglets with an Ipad
Ham Let is our breeding sire and he has good size and a great temperament.  He is so funny and very much at ease with people and dogs.
The cube is a dog toy. You fill it with food and as the dog rolls it around, the food falls out. Some of our dogs don't like it, some don't understand it. a few have learned how to use it and liked it.  Marlee, being a pig, figured it out in less than 5 minutes and LOVES it. He will chase it all over and come running if you shake it!

Health care of a mini pig

Bringing home your Mini Pig