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Tammy and Heaven on Earth:
Winner 2017 Res. Champion BHSA Novice Jumper

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Horses for sale 

We don't keep anything on the property that isn't a nice, well broke and well trained horse.  We like getting in new horses and working with them, it's good experience for our more advanced riders and Kandi still loves to work with greener horses... even at 69 she is still a horse trainer at heart.  That being said, if they are suitable in temperament for her to ride at her age, they are suitable for most other riders.
That being said, we often have a few really nice horses for sale or lease.  If you bring in something new, something has to go or we are bursing at the seams in a year.  What we sell are horses we just don't use as much for a variety of reasons, mostly because we have enough horses in that level to meet the needs of our students.  For many years we were a successful sale barn with a good reputation for good horses at fair prices that were honestly represented.  It finally became too hard to run the lesson and show program and sell horses at the same time.

On a much smaller scale, we still take great pride in offering a few great horses a year to new homes.  We don't want to see the horse go to a home that isn't going to fit any more than you want a horse that doeesn't fit your needs and you will find our first questions will alway be "What do you want to do with the horse?" and "What type of rider?"  Don't try to buy a winning jumper that will carry your 5 year old child!  We want to educate and fit horse and rider together.

Patty ~  UnRegistered Quarter Horse
12 years, 14.3h 


She rides English and western. GREAT trail horse or use for lesson. Build a lesson progra around her, she carries all level riders.  Quiet enough for a husband ior guest horse.  Pretty with a big hip. She is about as quiet and dependable as they come and that kind are hard to find.  I'd never ridden her before and I took her on a trail ride. She went ahead, behind, goes through water readily.  

TB with tatoo
5 years, 16.1h 

Butiful rose grey gelding with a lot of jumping talent.

Let down and restarted. Good start, started over fences and shows a lot of scope and talent. This one could go any way you want to take him. Pretty enough to be a striking hunter with enough jump to go into the jumper ring or cross country. 
We like this guy a lot but we just don't have enough time to bring him along the way he deserves. This video was of his FIRST TIME JUMPING UNDER SADDLE. Since that time he is jumping 2'6" easily and enjoys it. 

11 years, 16h 

Brienne is a 16 hand 11year old draft cross. She has been there and done that, whether it’s in the ring or on the trails. Good stable manners, cross ties, stands in a wash stall, isn’t pushy to lead.

She has the draft brain but a fantastic work ethic. She is always there when you ask her and you won’t need to kick every step of the way. She is steady and sensible while ready to move forward She is soft in the mouth and fun enough for someone that wants to go horse show but sensible enough to give a lesson to a less experienced person, or send out on the trail with a guest or husband. 

She will go over any obstacle and goes through water as well. She is very level headed out on the trail and not spooky.

In the arena she is a ton of fun and quite handy for a draft cross! You’ll be hard pressed to find one more balanced or agile. We think this is where she shines and she would be fun for someone to play around with as an all around low level type of horse. She’s very comfortable and has a lovely steady Canter that makes getting down the lines easy. No buck or rear, easy to move forward without charging. Doesn’t need to be ridden on a regular basis. Good feet, barefoot all the way around.