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Hidden Creek Farm

Tammy and Heaven on Earth:
Winner 2016 Res. Champion BHSA Novice Jumper
Winner 2017 Champion Novice Jumper Frying Pan Park series
​Winner 2017 Champion Professional Rider Frying Pan Park series
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Horses for sale 

We don't keep anything on the property that isn't a nice, well broke and well trained horse.  We like getting in new horses and working with them, it's good experience for our more advanced riders and Kandi still loves to work with greener horses... even at 69 she is still a horse trainer at heart.  That being said, if they are suitable in temperament for her to ride at her age, they are suitable for most other riders.
That being said, we often have a few really nice horses for sale or lease.  If you bring in something new, something has to go or we are bursing at the seams in a year.  What we sell are horses we just don't use as much for a variety of reasons, mostly because we have enough horses in that level to meet the needs of our students.  For many years we were a successful sale barn with a good reputation for good horses at fair prices that were honestly represented.  It finally became too hard to run the lesson and show program and sell horses at the same time.

On a much smaller scale, we still take great pride in offering a few great horses a year to new homes.  We don't want to see the horse go to a home that isn't going to fit any more than you want a horse that doeesn't fit your needs and you will find our first questions will alway be "What do you want to do with the horse?" and "What type of rider?"  Don't try to buy a winning jumper that will carry your 5 year old child!  We want to educate and fit horse and rider together.

Loud and Proud ~ $4000

Loud and Proud  - 10 yr. baymare  16.2h TB JC papers

Lots of professional training. This mare started as a steeplechaseer. We've done jumpers, dressage and combimed training. She has enough motor and enthuiasm to get around any course, but has been shown by a 12 year old. Solid at 3'6" +, shows well at Kelly's Ford outside course and wins on their big jumper course, She can shorten up and show indoors. Or she can let down and go on a hunter pace or trail ridde.

​Brave at anything, lots of scope, she would probably fox hunt because she isn't bothered by other horses around her and has no spook. Sound with good ground manners.
The show videos are of her showing as a jumper against time, so she is being pushed for speed.
The above video is of her at home being ridden by one of our amateur riders and some clips of her on the rail
You can pump this mare up or let her down, she travels well and does what you ask. Lots of flexion, well started in dressage.

Cool Lookin Syd AQHA Registered
Foaled Feb. 12, 2009

He's big 15.3 and beautiful. He has lots of trail miles, crosses water, and has a solid mind. No spook, buck or rear. We've put a nice slow jog on him. He has a good headset, and the ability to work a gate. He had never worked in a ring before we got him and he learns fast and wants to please.

He rides English and western. Use him as a GREAT trail horse or put some work in him and  have an English or western show horse. Would make a great pony club or 4-H project. Quiet enough for a husband ior guest horse.  

Unfortunately this video doesn't have much of a lope segment. The camera ran out of battery! To see him lope, watch the video below.

He never hesitated when Tammy picked up the plastic pole and moved it across the ring. (It's hard to see in the second photo.)  He's a good solid horse that is a lot of fun to ride.

Rides English

Rides Western

Baloo  grey paint gelding
9 years

This horse was trail ridden by a 70 year old man. He is rock solid and willing to work. He's stout enough for a husband horse. Nice fast walk and THE MOST COMFORTABLE CANTER YOU WILL EVER SIT!!!  
Baloo has some draft in him, probably about a quarter Purcheron. This guy is VERY willing to learn. We have started him over fences and he does a journeyman's job. He'd make a great, reliable puddle jumper or even low level eventer. I think he would learn to frame up well and work dressage. He will never be a Grand Prix horse, but he will be fun and solid and make someone a great all around horse.